You should not ask God for an answer.

You should not ask God for an answer.

God will be silent even if you ask for an answer.

God only shows that which he shows.

It is human beings who think of an answer.

An earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant disaster occurred.

God showed his will.

It is human beings who think of an answer.

Do not ask God, but instead ask yourself for an answer.

Give to God that which belongs to God.

Give to human beings that which belongs to them.

Considering God also means considering the economy.

People formed their sense of ethics and morality through deliberation standing face-to-face with God.

People also created the fundamental principles of social structures and systems in that way.

And they gradually refined the status of the economy as well as day-to-day codes of conduct.

In this way, people felt the presence of God in every aspect of their daily lives.

In autumn, they celebrated festivals to offer their gratitude for the harvest of the year.

It was also an act of prayer spontaneously generated from a feeling of awe of nature.

Festivals nowadays, however, are held in order to make money from them.

The origin of the economy was sharing things and helping each other.

The present market economy, however, teaches that the economy means to compete and fight with each other.

This is foolish.

If so, it is meaningless for people to create a society or country.

Basically, social structures and systems were created with the aim of sharing things and helping each other.

Nowadays, people offer a prayer of gratitude not to God but to “money.”

Thus, they think about monetary profit first, leaving concerns about other people’s lives behind.

As a result, employers fire employees heartlessly when a recession occurs — this is the present world we live in.

Even if the fired people have trouble making ends meet, their former employers don’t care at all.

It is a world where no one seems to care about human nature, and duty and obligations are deemed absurd.

Money-making is the most important thing in our present world.

People are not the most important thing here.

No. 1 is “money,” No. 2 is things, and people come last.

Thus, vice spreads throughout this world.

However immoral an act is, people will accept it if they can make money from it.

If you have “money,” you can do anything.

If it is to make “money,” you can do anything.

You can even sell your soul, if you can make “money” for it.

If you do not do so, you cannot survive in the present economy.

If it is to make “money,” you will sacrifice your family.

That is a kind of people who reap glory in this world — those who victimize the public interest, betray their friends, sell their parents or children, or even deceive elderly people — all for making money.

Markets are a place of competition and they are no more than a place for fighting.

Mutual help or sharing is not allowed there.

If such state is left as is, the free economy is destined to fail.

This is because “money” has ruled over it.

Employers can fire employees without thinking about their living, because they are ruled over by money.

When a friend of yours is in trouble, you can share your harvest or game with that person.

However, the money-driven world is ruled over by money after all.

People who don’t have money cannot be saved by any means.

Money can even change people.

It turns people into just a little thing.

So, in this money-driven world, No. 1 is “money,” No. 2 is things, and people come last and are treated most carelessly.

People who don’t have money are deemed to be garbage and troublesome things.

Although there are plenty of things in this world, there is no mind to share them with other people.

In the present economy, consideration for others is a means of money-making and has no meaning greater than that.

People don’t think they need feelings.

That’s why they tend to suffer mental problems.

Originally, societies were formed and organized based on mutual help and sharing with each other.

Companies are a form of society, which are more refined and organized than society itself.

The form may have been refined and organized, but the people working in them don’t have the mind to help and share things with others.

After all, making a profit is the most important thing in the present economy.

When companies drive restructuring and reduction of labor costs aiming at making a profit, the efficiency and income of the entire society will decrease.

As a result, the economy turns downward. It is a natural result of their own deeds.

God is absent from the present economy.

The origin of the economy came from people’s activities such as thanking God for his blessings, and helping and sharing with each other.

The economy does not improve when production, distribution, and expenditure are not balanced.

The economy does not improve just by intensively promoting competition among people.

Competition should be conducted in a moderate and fair manner.

It is an inevitable result that people will lose when they try to fight against tanks.

It does not mean that people are weak, but that they are just forced to face unfair competition.

Such a situation is miserable.

When people lived peacefully centering on God, the economy meant sharing the blessings of God.

Nowadays, however, people live centering on money.

People could share their possessions because they were harvest and game.

Since possessions mean monetary profit today, people cannot share them with others.

They have forgotten to share the blessings of God, and money has become everything for them.

Even if people say that they are not necessarily working for “money” at first, when they figure out that their jobs pay, they will eventually come to see their jobs as a means of money-making.

Even if it is a job that was originally based on the spirit of service to others, once it becomes a means of money-making, it will be ruled over by “money.”

Even clerical professions serving God can also become a source of business.

Then, expenses pose a problem for them.

Cooking, cleaning, child-rearing, and care for the elderly are outsourced and each turns into a means of money-making for the contractors.

The so-called the homemade taste of mother’s cooking will fade away.

In this way, the quality of labor will change.

Neither socialist nor totalitarian countries are in awe of God.

Therefore, they fail.

It is revolt against a country to act contrary to the idea of its founding.

It is betrayal of God to join hands with those who deny God.

A free economy can be realized where a faith in God exists.

If the faith in God is lost, money will rule over the country and the free economy will not function.

Both the economy and a country basically exist in order to make people happy.

If people forget this, neither the economy nor the country will have a leg to stand on.

I cannot respond to the question, “What kind of God do you believe in?” — because God is God for me.

God is absolute, and the one and only.

May God resurrect.

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